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Home Installation Kit DH1200

Save 10% & get 5 year warranty on the DH1200

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12 litre Desiccant Dehumidifier Enough to Cope With Normal Family Home

A new technology that was needed to address the problems identified problems with “Normal”  units

  • Quieter with less low tones that are most annoying 
  • Can be hidden away, mounted easily on walls or ceilings so not taking up valuable floor space.
  • Typically 1/3 of the side of normal dehumidifiers with the similar drying power
  • Extremely good performance compared to normal dehumidifiers at usual room temperatures.
  • Can be totally hidden with ducting
  • No need to empty the water on a daily basis
  • Even if permanently drained, normal dehumidifiers No risk of secondary flooding if any pipes get restricted with mould or dust debris which happens over time.
  • All normal dehumidifiers have to be used while the “user is in attendance” This is usually ignored by the user but over 8 million normal dehumidifiers have been recalled since 2015 due to safety concerns but not DryFan technology.  DryFan technology can be used 247 without any safety concerns. 

Additional items you may need to to be considered for each installation since personal style choice is a consideration off the individual and are not Included.

  • Inlet vents
  • Outlet vent
  • 125mm diameter Y-Couplings if several inlets needed



Items  Explained

1 x Highly Compact – Small 12 Litre dehumidifier in the market.

1 pack of 3 x Dust Filters Plus One Already Fitted– Simple reticulated dust filter in a metal frame. Shaked clean or easily replaced. Prevents dust particles entering the unit and impeding performance.
1 x 5 Year Guarantee – Give yourself peace of mind with a 5 year comprehensive guarantee on the DH1200 
1 x External Humidistat Connection – There is an internal humidistat fitted but if the dehumidifier is being placed in a ceiling void or attic, quicker drying reaction will be gained if the external humidistat is added allowing precise control of the humidity in the space being dried.

Perfect for any climate.

1 x 6m Duct Air-In & Out – The dehumidifier has all ducts fitted with flanges to allow ducting to be added with 125mm / 5″ hard or flexible ducting.  Take air into the units and return dry air to the that same spare.   Can be cut to lengths.

1 x 2m Wet Air Exhaust – The has one internal fan. The moisture is vented away allowing it to work in colder temperatures. The moisture is purged from the system by 15% of the process air a duct to the outside is needed.  Can be cut to length.


Weight 6.4 kg
Dimensions 28 × 19 × 19 mm
(L x W x H)-(weight)

11.81" x 7.87" x 7.87" – 14.11 lbs



Max Extract


Power / Plug / Cord length

500W, 220V, 50Hz, 2.2A / Yes BS/EU


UK EAN 5060224950999, EU EAN 5060224951002

Colour / Material

White / Mild Steel Epoy Paint

Duct Sizes

40mm (1.5")-125mm (5")

Swimming Pool Ready


Humidistat Inside / Humidistat Option

Yes / Yes

Carrying Handle / Water Container / Power Cord Length

Yes / No / 3m

Fan Speeds / Sound

1 / 52dB

Operting Temperature

Minus 20?C to plus 40?C

Power Out Restart / Works From DC-AC Coverter

Yes / Yes

Airflow m3/hr

124 process / 20 exhaust

Power Out Restart


Works From DC-AC Coverter


Water Tank



Mild steel expoxy coated



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