Pool Dehumidifiers

Designed in the UK for professional purpose that are specially coated internally for use in swimming pools.  They can be floor standing secured to a wall or can be ducted into the ventilation systems.
Not just for swimming pools, the Ecor Pro dehumidifier range has attractive styling & easy to maintain so can be used in other public areas. The D models are tough wall unit ideal for public places such as museums, gymnasiums or for changing rooms. Larger DSR units are often used for warehouses, commercial greenhouses & industrial processes.
Ecor Pro dehumidifiers are gravity drained with the exception of the D8500 & D9500 that have in built in water pumps making them ideal for use in basements.
ecor pro easy-guide-dehumidifiersClick on our easy guide to get an estimation of the best unit for your needs and indeed your pool area or warehouse area from our range.