Even if it’s your home, when you want to dry your place all day and every day then consider an Ecor Pro industrial dehumidifier.  These dehumidifiers are safer being able to dry all day and every day safely.  Triple levels of safety.

You would not use a domestic appliance to do a process that needs power, reliability and indeed capacity to do the job right.

From flood drying to reducing levels of condensation in the recreation space or work place then industrial dehumidifiers are needed.

Often used in museums, art galleries, by the military, businesses, offices, food processes, public buildings, banks, cellars, restaurants, pubs and clubs, basements, garages & indeed home protection.

Relative humidity levels from compressor units lowest typically 45% RH.  With desiccant circa 30% is possible.

Desiccant dehumidifier units not to be used in swimming pool environments.

Easy Guide

Where area is typically above 25°C – Compressor Dehumidifiers May Work Best
If the temperatures will be below 20°C – Desiccant Dehumidifier Options are Often Better

Wet environments reduce by 20%.  Very wet reduce estimates by 50%

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