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About Ecor Pro Dehumidifiers

Ecor Pro is a Dutch company but the management team is both Dutch & English.  Our main office is near Amsterdam but we have a smaller office in China that oversees production and quality control.  To see our head office site click HERE.

We have been in this industry since the 1974.  We have manufactured retail brand’s products, well known brand’s products all that time and 3 years ago we started selling some of our range direct to the public. .

All the dehumidifiers have a fan and all fans make some noise.  Some of the fans are designed for use in ducting where more powerful fans are needed to drive the air.  Our units are often designed to be hidden away out of site and there are many ways to quieten the sound.  For sure our units are no louder than stand alone units as we try to keep them as silent as possible with specially designed “Fluted Fans” that of course most other units don’t have.

All dehumidifiers are designed by our own engineers in the UK.  The design team has almost 200 years of design experience between them.

Products now are all made in PRoC to give better cost saving to the exact design we made in the UK only a few years ago.

Safety is our number one concern.  Every electrical appliance can go wrong so we pride ourselves in making probably the safest range of dehumidifiers for the home and for businesses.  Often our models have levels of safety beyond the norm.  All items comply to European and North American safety standards with CE & ETL certificates

Every products has a rule of thumb guide for selecting the right dehumidifier and an overview will be in each category section.  If however the dehumidifier is to run 247 we strongly recommend that commercial grade units are used even in the home.  A desiccant home dehumidifier is a fan, heater, motor & special wheel inside a plastic box.  We always say “would you leave your toaster on in the house unattended”.  Despite the fact we have probably the safest stand alone units in the market we invented DryFan® for the home,

We cover everything in parts, labour & transport apart from misuse of the product or natural wear such as a new filter.  To read more a about our 2 year guarantee see HERE

Boat conditions are very specific.  Temperatures can be below freezing, the boats move and there are many compartments to cover as well as salt air and simply able to get rid of the water.  We recommend our DryBoat® range for drying cabins, engine compartments or forward lockers

Our Technical Director summed up this answer really well.  He has been designing dehumidifiers for over 40 years.  He said, “Is where the market has to go”.  Domestic dehumidifiers need to change.  It’s often an ugly white box that can go wrong”  Commercial grade DryFan® units can be hidden in furniture, save floor space, never need emptying and work below zero if needed and above all you don’t need to empty water from them. That’s why he design DryFan®.

Apart from ensuring filters are kept clean, large refrigeration units will need topping with gas by a qualified engineer every few years. They also need the drainage hole kept clear of mould and dust which can block the drain sometimes that can mean the unit will stop working or there is a leak of water.

Smaller refrigeration dehumidifiers for the home will need cleaning also of mould and dust.  Small home or domestic dehumidifiers can not be regassed.  If gas is a problem the unit may not extract water or ill increase in temperature quickly.  If the temperature from the unit increases like this turn off immediately.

A desiccant commercial grade dehumidifier may only need to have the internal parts vacuumed/air blasted of dust by a qualified person able to remove the outer cover which is relatively inexpensive..

The biggest failure rates are with electronic components.  Leaking of gas in refrigerant units can occur with transport cracking internal copper pipes.

A commercial desiccant system is relatively simple in operation.  The wheel inside may need changing every 5 years to maintain performance. 

For sure commercial grade units are designed to work a lot longer than domestic items in the same environment.  Commercial items have been reported running for almost 30 years but that is exceptional.

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