5 Year Warranty DH3500, DH3511, DH2500, DH2511 and INOX Versions

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30 day money back guarantee

Free Delivery UK only. 
Item Location:
UK orders - Newcastle, UK     
EU orders - Amsterdam, NL


What is Covered

         A guarantee and warranty are different.

  • Parts All replacement parts to make good the product function correctly
  • Transport. Cost of collection and redispatch of your product to your European Union home address
  • Labour. All workmanship is guaranteed until the end of the 5 year period.


What is Not Covered

  • Consumable Parts. Filters or added parts to the dehumidifier such as ducting is not covered by warranty
  • Misuse. Treating the product in a way that the product was not intended for or in conditions outside the parameters set out in the user manual.
  • Cosmetic Damage. Any scratches, foot wear, dents or paint abnormalities caused to the product due to its normal working life.

Only one product is covered per 5 year warranty purchase.  Once successful you will be invited to complete your registration on our warranty registration page once the product arrives and the serial number is known




This warranty must be purchased at the time of purchasing the dehumidifier DH2500, DH2511, DH3500 or DH3511 and INOX versions.


What is the 5 year warranty?

         A guarantee and warranty are different.

  • 2 Year Guarantee offered by Ecor Pro. This is an assurance regarding quality / lifespan with a promise to repair or replace if the product doesn’t live up to billing in the first 2 years from date of purchase excluding consumable parts with supporting original receipt. Subject to terms and conditions.
  • 5 year Warranty is akin to an insurance policy and is chargeable. This extended warranty lasts three years longer than standard guarantee. 
  • It does not give a 7 year warranty period from date of purchase but a comprehensive 5 year warranty from the date of purchase in all.
  • You also have statutory rights that apply to everything you buy. These rights set a legal minimum and run in parallel to the warranty or guarantee. 



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