Why No Daily Timer on a Dehumidifier?

dehumidifier clock

Often people suggest that a home dehumidifier should be fitted with a timer to save running cost.

You will note that nearly all dehumidifiers don’t have a timer fitted and its for obvious reason. The request would indeed be justified if we considered a dehumidifier as giving instant dryness.  That is if dryness was needed when a property became occupied after working hours for instance.

The issue is that the humidity takes weeks to come under control initially and is regulated by the humidistat which the owner sets.

In the early stages of using a dehumidifier in the home, the water extraction will typically be higher in the initial few weeks then perhaps in the weeks after.  This is not due to the weather at that time but is more the furnishings, carpets & even walls being dried of excess water.

The humidistat regulates the level of humidity in the environment it is in.  Therefore, if the humidity level is reached, the dehumidifier simply switches off.  The dehumidifier wont switch back on until its actually needed.

why you dont need a clock

Our home dehumidifiers are unique and use only 1 Watt of electricity during standby model. Other manufacturers uses at least 30 Watts which is more of a consideration

The danger switching a dehumidifier on daily is that the humidity level can actually built up during the hours its switch off & the dehumidifier cant cope to control the atmosphere to the required humidity level when the dehumidifier is in time of operation.

Therefore, a daily clock could mean the problems with humidity returns despite the dehumidifier running at the set time every day.


A humidistat is by far the best way to regulate humidity in the home.  If the humidity increases then damage to furnishings & decoration can be far more expensive.