You don't need a plane to do this. Just a DryFan®

Don't waste your Time or Energy. Dryfan is fully automatic with no buckets of water to empty every day

Small & can be used in cupboards. Works in any orientation on walls, even Upside Down on ceilings

Keeps drying when normal dehumidifiers stop. Dry your home spaces even if they are -20°C to +40°C

Equivalent to a Normal 25 Litre Dehumidifier in the Home

Safe. Designed to Run Automatically All Day Every Day

DryFan® does not produce liquid water. If it did it could be damaged by ice. Instead it vents water through a 41mm (1-1/2") exhaust pipe. This pipe can be a flexible hose or a common push-fit waste water pipe as you get in a local DIY store. In short, it vents water in a similar way to tumble dryer through a small hose and does the drying in a lot more energy efficient way than the tumble dryer.

DryFan® can be used all around the home to stop condensation. This is often near windows, on back walls or behide wardrobes. Condensation can appear on clothes in the wardrobes as mould ruining items.
Moisture from the home migrates out from the living spaces through ceilings, floors and wardrobe doors. Its migrates to the basement, loft & crawl spaces. No area is prevented from being dried. No need to empty DryFan® of water or permenantly drain that can block or freeze and cause flooding. Just clean the air filter once in a while. Attach DryFan® to ceilings or walls or even upside down on the ceiling in basements.

Outside buildings can get very cold but still damp. Normal dehumidifiers will stop working above zero degrees to prevent damage from ice. Compressor dehumidifiers also extract little water nelow 10°C. DryFan® just keeps going, drying all the way to -20°C (-4°F). DryFan® is a commercial grade unit for the home. DryFan® will even restart after a power out automatically to resume drying, perfect if the power supply is unstable.

DryFan® can be used as an alternative to a common extractor fan to combat condensation & to save energy. Normal extractor fans vent a large amount of heat energy from the home. DryFan® can save money & keep the room dry and fresh. Can be mounted in cupboards, under baths and in ceiling voids to keep the bathroom dry & mould free.
An optional remote control can be added if needed so DryFan® can dry a room but be out of sight.

Standard fitting.  Warm air exhaust is a standard push fit plumbing fitting for easy install

Ideal for area in the home not heated but prone to damp like laundry rooms, basements & crawl spaces

DryFan® 12 and a process air exhaust meaning dry, clean air can be ducted so ideal for use in lofts to keeps rooms below dry.

Can be used in a cupboard space.  Quiet & out of sight with a neat overall look protecting the home

Wet air enters & is filtered before drying.  Wet, warm air can then be exhausted via a 41mm (1-1/2") push fit plumbing connector to the outside.  DryFan® 12 can duct clean, dry air perfect for basements, cupboards  & lofts

Inbuilt humidity regulator allows you to set the level of humidity of the space you want to dry.  Two modes of fan on always or fan on only when drying

DryFan® 12 can exhaust processed air meaning dry, clean air can be ducted to where you want.  Ideal for hiding in bathroom lofts to keep the bathroom dry and fresh.  Much more energy efficient than an extracter fan.

DryFan® can be remote controlled.  A remote humidity sensor with 5m cable can be added safely to the space being dried.